Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Organization: knitting needles

My straight knitting needles usually sit in a vase on my worktable, where they are constantly being knocked over (it's top heavy). So I made a hanging holder for them. It has two pockets, one for the 10-12 inch lengths and another for the 6 inch ones and crochet hooks. Two holes were punched for hanging. The fabric is Heather Bailey's Fresh Cut, an oldie but goodie.

By adding a couple of elastic loops on the side and buttons on the other, this holder can be rolled neatly into a carrying case. I always thought having ties was cumbersome.

For my honking sized needles, I make a simple drawstring bag which is hung on a door knob.

For my circular needles, another wall hanging was made (this one has a wide button hole to fit my over the door hangers). There is a separate sleeve for each size (16 inch on the bottom, 24 inch in the middle, and 29 inch on the top)

Yes, I have a lot of needles and can never justify buying those Denise/Knit Picks interchangeable ones to replace them. Sigh. But at least I can find them easily :)