Friday, August 07, 2009

Reupholstering dining room chairs

Every Friday we host a community group where we eat dinner and study together. Eventually, along with normal children damage, our ivory (what was I thinking) covered chairs needed to be redone. While cleaning my fabric cabinets I found several yards of this Waverley print, which I have no recollection of buying. After removing the old one and using it as a pattern template a new cover was stapled one. The foam pad was still in good condition, so it was reused and covered with a new layer of quilted batting.

Even though the foam batting was intact the cushion still sagged in the middle. I figured out the webbing had stretched (the hairy stuffing (these are really old chairs which came with the house) was still fluffy). Not wanting to replace them, I ... real reupholsters need to look away now....I stuffed small pieces of foam underneath them.

Notice the new height difference! Hopefully it will work long term.

We are VERY happy with the results! Sometimes, when you add new pillows or curtains or whatever, the newness of the fabric can make everything else look faded and dowdy. But this Waverley print had a tea stained look which blends perfectly with our old walnut dining set.

The new chairs help to offset this new (*sobs*) water stain on the table. It is never a good idea to wash rubber stamps on an uncovered table. Fortunately it was on a leaf, so it can be replaced with another one :)